The first measure to be taken at the sign of a sore throat is to paint the throat two or three times a day with concentrated whey (Molkosan), since this may actually arrest a case of incipient tonsillitis. Whey will destroy the germs on the surface of the tonsils and to some extent even in the crypts and channels of the throat. It will prevent the formation of toxins and help the body's own defences to advance to the infected area. In fact, this condensed, natural lactic acid product made from whey has proved far superior to the strongest chemical disinfectants and is free from the harmful properties the latter may possess.
If this remedy is not handy, the pimpernel root (Pimpinella saxifraga) or imperial masterwort (Imperatoria ostruthium) fulfils the same purpose if you keep chewing it.
Thorough oral hygiene is essential. Frequent gargling with salt
water is good, or just suck a slice of lemon, unsweetened, every day, for lemon juice is equally effective. Make sure that the lemon skin has not been sprayed with pesticide. In chronic cases the use of special equipment may be necessary to clean the tonsils regularly and paint them afterwards with whey concentrate. Dr Roeder's Apparatus, for example, is designed to suck the pus off the tonsils.

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