Although it might take some effort, it is possible to continue enjoying your sex life during and after cancer treatment. There's this old joke about a man who breaks his fingers and, after he has them straightened and put in splints, asks 'Doc, will I be able to play the violin?' To which the doctor replies, 'Yes, of course you will!' The patient then says, 'Wow that's incredible, I never played before!' The answer to 'Will I have a great sex life after my cancer treatment?' depends largely on how things were before. Major problems in a relationship are not suddenly going to resolve because there is a crisis. They may be put on the backburner for a while, priorities may be reassessed, but they aren't just going to disappear. That's where specialized counselling can help.
If a relationship is stable and supportive and there is good communication between partners, they stand a very good chance of things getting back to normal. And of course there are those who never cared much for the violin anyway.
Your sexual routine may need to change, at least for a while, and the key to this is communication. Initially, that means communicating with health advisers so that you know what disruptions to your sexuality there are likely to be, so that you can plan ways of dealing with them. All the while, it is important for partners to communicate with each other. Sometimes that communication has to be more detailed than ever before.

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