For many years it's been held to be true that men peak sexually in their late teens and women in their thirties. Are they really so different? Interestingly, these dictums relate more to quantity than quality. Now, at the risk of generalizing, if you count the number of orgasms a man has from wet dreams, masturbation and sex with a partner, combined with the ability to quickly reload and do it again, then the 'peak' is around eighteen ... but does that make him a better lover? Ask any man in his thirties if he would still like to be making love with the technique he used when he was eighteen and you would surely get a pile of 'no' votes. Similarly, women develop a greater ability to orgasm as they get older. It takes time to get it right, and to break down some of the inhibitions that can stand in the way.
In terms of your sexual relationship, there are advantages to a longterm relationship. Getting to really know your partner intimately takes time. The awkwardness and guesswork of the early stages of any sexual relationship develop into a comfortable familiarity that has a passion all its own. The nuances of your partner's breathing and body movements as they respond to your touch become the unspoken sensual clues in your lovemaking. It is a learning process, and one that evolves. In fact, many people find they can only fully relax sexually when they feel secure in a relationship.
However, longterm relationships have their disadvantages too. While many relationships remain exciting and passionate and fun forever, limited only by the imagination, many people run into problems with sexual boredom.

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